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Help Wanted – Weather Forecaster

What: Job Opening – two permanent part-time positions which may become full-time positions over the next few years as we grow the business.

Who: Marine Weather Center

Where: Lakeland, Florida. Training may take place in Lakeland, but you can work from anywhere with a good Internet connection.

When: Planing to hire forecasters Summer 2015

Qualified individual will have:

Experience cruising on a boat (preferably a sailboat), preferably in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and offshore Atlantic waters, other geographies a plus.

Experience racing sailboats, or familiarity with racing strategy and tactics.

Some experience forecasting weather, and desire and aptitude to learn more about forecasting weather.

Ability to “see in your mind / paint a mental picture” complex 4-dimensional phenomena (3-D weather unfolding over the 4th dimension which is time).

Excellent written and verbal communications skills, especially the ability to distill complex information into a simple-yet-detailed forecast which provides client the information they need for good decision-making.

Job Description:

Marine Weather Center provides high-value-added weather forecasts and routing advice primarily to small private sail and power boats. We disseminate forecast products via SSB Voice radio, email, voice telephone, fax, Internet Webcast, and recordings we post on our website.

Duties include:

Analyze recent observational data and computer forecast models to arrive at a forecast, and Collaborate with other forecasters to arrive at an agreed-upon general forecast.

Conduct SSB Voice Nets at various times of the day, including 6am-10am Eastern time, and late afternoons/evenings, as many as 7 days/week.

Simultaneously broadcast this content over 2 Internet Webcasts, and also recored this content then post recordings to website.

Compose Email forecasts to each of 3 Regions.

Provide forecasts by phone when clients call (generally from 10am-2pm), and deduct a phone-in forecast from their account.

Compose any Custom email forecasts due for a given day.

Respond to inquiries from current and prospective clients by email and website support ticket.

Some travel may be required, including possibly Boat Shows and Seminars.


You must be able to work anytime of the day/night, but we are generally open for business from 5am-8pm. Most scheduled tasks occur in the early mornings (SSB Nets/Webcasts/Recordings, and Regional Email forecasts 6am-10am), with some work during the day (available for phone calls 10am-2pm), and some work in the late afternoons (another SSB Net).

Marine Weather Center will have 3 employees (myself and 2 other employees). I will work full-time, and our other 2 employees will work part-time on a rotating list of duties. When 1 of the 3 of us is sick, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable for work, the other 2 will work as much as necessary to complete all duties in a timely fashion.


Starting salary $20/hr. Future increases depend on your job performance and the growth and profitability of the business.


Marine Weather Center provides a 401-k plan for all employees. In addition to allowing employees to make tax-advantaged elective 401-k contributions from their salaries, Marine Weather Center intends to make significant profit sharing contributions into your account (refer to the 401-k document for details).


Marine Weather Center is providing you with proprietary tools, training, expertise, client information, and valuable company secrets.

You will be required to sign a non-compete agreement, barring you from providing weather forecasting or routing advice to Marine interests (persons and/or boats) for 2 years after you leave our employment.


If you do not currently own sufficient tools (computers, etc.), Marine Weather Center will provide them. You must provide your own, reliable Internet connection.

Interested Candidates:

Please email resume and letter stating qualifications to:

Deadline to submit resume:

June 30, 2015

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